Traveling Europe can change your life. If you’ve never left your state before, then traveling Europe could be a life-changing experience. It’s hard to believe until you experience it for yourself, but there’s a whole world of different cultures out there and people who are eager to share their way of life.

The Internet has brought the world closer together, but what we don’t realize until we live it is that different cultures are more than just new foods to try and new languages to hear. The traditions and the philosophies of each country impact everything they do – the way they think and behave. Visit the UK, and you will find it a very different place to America, with a different pace and different attitudes. Spend some time in Sweden and be amazed at how laid back and relaxed people are. Spend some time in Italy and experience their passion and expressiveness. Meet some Brits, and notice the difference between their version of politeness and reservation and the kind of outgoing nature you might be used to back home. We even met a fellow American that amused us for an hour at lunch. A great guy that runs a blog online (Lorex Ceramic), and he was sharing his own experiences of Europe.

Yes, these are stereotypes – and every person is different; but there are pervading cultures that you will notice when you travel. Some time in a rural part of a European country will introduce you to new ways of thinking and you’ll appreciate the landscape, the scenery and the diversity of the area.

While some of the bigger cities in Europe can be expensive, there are plenty of other rural spots that are affordable to visit, and getting around on the main European train system is quite affordable too – so you can enjoy several countries in one trip without spending a fortune. Broaden your horizons today, and explore one of the most diverse continents (and economic areas) in the world.