What is it that makes us want change? I guess it depends on your level of comfort. Some are so used to feeling joy that the slightest amount of discomfort or a dull ache will force them to seek change. However, it has been my observation that most people are not used to feeling joy and because their comfort level is so used to being at such a low vibration that it usually takes a deep, painful scarring wound (be it emotional or physical) that literally forces change. A wound that takes the spirit through the dark night of the soul where deep inner transformation can begin or…..be lost. My hope is for more people to understand this process so that less souls get lost and more souls become reborn from the fire like the beautiful phoenix.

To understand the process I suppose you must understand emotions and become emotionally educated. After all, we are not taught how to understand or process our emotions. We are not taught until it is too late if at all…what they are, how to process them or feel through them or how to get rid of them. Thus, we have an entire society of individuals who are suffering and self-medicating on a daily basis and that is not helping or solving our problems…in fact, it is only creating more and bigger problems.

So…what do we do? We evolve. We become knowledgeable, educated and aware so that we can begin choosing our experiences rather then our experiences choosing us. I think the first thing that is important to understand to begin the transformation is that everything…..absolutely everything is made up of energy and energy vibrates and flows at different frequencies.  God or source is of the purest and highest frequency of pure, unconditional love and everything else stems from that.  So….inherently, our true nature and at the very core of our beings are pure, adulterated, unconditional love and pure unconditional radiant love wants nothing but the beat for each and every one of us on this planet.