Peace in Our Time

Still Searching…

I’m still searching for the truth of forgiveness but I think what it means is you let go of the emotions that have been controlling you. Not the pain so much…that stays until it heals but you give up the desperate gripping emotions: the anger, the desperation, the hopelessness and the helplessness. Like a breath of fresh air, you see the painful situation from a higher perspective or maybe you just realize that in order to move on you have to forgive and you have to move through the gripping emotions.

I don’t believe forgiveness means that you have to keep that person in your life but if you do…perhaps that is yet another level, a deeper level of forgiveness.  I mean, after all we are all one aren’t we?  What we do to another we do to ourselves and visa versa.

What a tricky universe we live in.  A constant mirror to ourselves and how confusing when most of us don’t know ourselves, let alone the truth of the universe.

I love the Sayings of Mother Theresa “Do It Anyway.” I admire and aspire to her selflessness



We all know that forgiveness is essential for our true happiness, but how exactly do we forgive when the wounds are so deep and so painful forever leaving us scarred?

What exactly does it mean to forgive?  Does it mean we need to continue to have that person or people in our lives?

I would like to explore this topic in greater detail and I hope one day to help others navigate their way through forgiveness and back into or maybe into our true joy for the first time.

Be The Change


What is it that makes us want change? I guess it depends on your level of comfort. Some are so used to feeling joy that the slightest amount of discomfort or a dull ache will force them to seek change. However, it has been my observation that most people are not used to feeling joy and because their comfort level is so used to being at such a low vibration that it usually takes a deep, painful scarring wound (be it emotional or physical) that literally forces change. A wound that takes the spirit through the dark night of the soul where deep inner transformation can begin or… lost. My hope is for more people to understand this process so that less souls get lost and more souls become reborn from the fire like the beautiful phoenix.

To understand the process I suppose you must understand emotions and become emotionally educated. After all, we are not taught how to understand or process our emotions. We are not taught until it is too late if at all…what they are, how to process them or feel through them or how to get rid of them. Thus, we have an entire society of individuals who are suffering and self-medicating on a daily basis and that is not helping or solving our problems…in fact, it is only creating more and bigger problems. (more…)

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Welcome to the peace blog… My vision for this blog is to clear the parts within myself that are keeping me from ultimate peace of mind, peace of heart and peace of spirit, thus attracting and teaching others that share the same vision. Stay tuned for new content soon!


Hi everyone. I am re-writing this blog because something happened with my hosting and it lost my content. Luckily I saved everything. Peace!